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Honest and trustworthy

We win our customers with honesty and we ensure that your trust is our top priority. In the quest of becoming one of the most trusted companies in Malaysia we always strive to deliver solutions to your requirements that are effective and efficient.

We are passionate

We have international exposure in serving the South Asian and Middle East markets and now we are striving to become one of the most reputable and customer friendly company in Malaysia. Our top priority is our commitment and hance hence we ensure that all projects are fulfilled with the desired outcomes.

We love our planet

We are an eco-friendly company and we strive to save our planet. A portion of income is allocated to fund various social causes and research govern by

We are improving

Since we are a research-based company hence we always keep ourselves updated the latest gadgets and tools thus keeping our customers are ease and delighted.


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Asif Pervez
Asif is a quality, business process, and supply chain technocrat. He helps organizations to transform themselves to have their preferred future. I am a skill-miner, and I mine gold out of them. I equip organizations for this next level change by becoming their skills' launchpad. I work as a human transformer and believe in investing in people. For Asif, the biggest challenge of life is to know the answer to 'why' and for 'what' we are here? We, humans, are the most challenging subjects — whenever our values changes, our preferences tend to change also which led us into scenarios of surprises and shocks. So I can help in getting organized. Coming back to Asif's background, Asif is a visionary entrepreneur exploring life to learn and to make it meaningful for himself and others. His exploration consists of a journey of 20+ years into learning and serving various industries like service, educational, pharmaceutical, telecommunication, food, and manufacturing. Having flavors of different sectors has given him the advantage to equip him to offer better help to those in need.


All the divisions' leadership of Galactera Enterprises govern the programs for the prosperity of society.



Huma Asif
Huma is an entrepreneur with a mission to simplify life and she supports natural products. Huma loved cooking since she was a kid. She loves to do experiments to make the food taste great. Everything changed when her husband was ill and had a life-threatening situation, her husband struggled a lot with his health and was on too many medications that were affecting his health badly. Huma had no other choice at that time so she started experimenting with different combinations of food and natural ingredients. Huma started giving her husband with her recipes and after 10 months time, things were getting back to normal. During this tough time, she discovered various gems. So through her special recipes, Huma treats people and help them to stay away from medicines as much as they can.


Salman Azam
Salman is a highly skilled supply chain professional having a diversified multicultural experience for more than two decades, he has vast exposure to Asain, African and Middle-east markets.

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